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Chaahat mein kya duniya daari, ishq mein kaisi majboori
Logon ka kyaa samjhane do, un ki apni majboori

Main ne dil ki baat rakhi aur too ne duniya walon ki
Meri araz bhi majboori thi, Unka hukm bhi majboori

Rok sako to pehali baarish ki boondo ko tum roko
Kachhi mitti to mehake gi, hai mitti ki majboori

Jab tak hansta gaata maosam apna hai, sab apne hain
Waqt pade to yaad aa jaati hai musnooi majboori

Ek aawara baadal se kyon main ne saaya manga tha

Meri bhi yeh majboori thi, uski bhi thi majboori

Muddat guzari ek waade par, aaj bhi qaayam hain Mohsin
Humne saari umra nibhaai, apni pehali majboori


Love is above worldly norms, there are no excuses in true love

Let people make arguments, the heart cannot but do what it has to do, love.


I put fore ward the case of my heart and you were worried what the people would say

I had no choice in my love and so did the people have no choice but to talk.


Stop if you can the drops of the first rain

The bare earth is bound to, as it must, give out its unique odder.


Everyone is happily around me as long as the clime is good

When bad times arrive, everyone remembers silly excuses.


Why did I ever ask for some shade from a free floating cloud

I had no choice as it were and so he too had no choice.


So much time has gone, I am still true to the promise I made, O Mohsin

I am happy to admit I stuck to my first ever love all my life.


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ओ रे बिधाता बिनती करूं, तोहे पयियां परूँ बारम बार
अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो, चाहे नरक दीजो डार


 O re bidhaata binti karuN, tohe payiya paRuN baaram baar
agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo, chaahe narak dijo daar.
O my Lord, listen to my prayer, I am reaching to your feet many times,
Come next birth, do not make me a girl,better you might throw me to hell.
This couplet is known to me (I might have missed some words here or there) since I do not know when.
I found the following beautiful song from the film Umrao Jan. my readers might like it

हमरे सजनवा हमरा दिल अइसा तोरिन

ऊ घर बसाईन हम का रस्ता मा छोड़िन

जइसे कि लल्ला कोई खिलौना जो पावे

दुई चार दिन तो खेले फिर भूल जावे

लोभी न पावे अइसी गुड़िया न कीजो

अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो

अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो

जो अब किये हो दाता अइसा न कीजो

अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो

अइसी बिदाई बोलो देखी कहीं है

मइया न बाबुल भईया कौनो नहीं है

आंसू के गहने हैं और दुःख की है डोली

बंद किवड़िया मेरे घर की यह बोली

इस ओर सपनों में भी आया न कीजो

इस ओर सपनों में भी आया न कीजो

अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो

जो अब किये हो दाता अइसा न कीजो

अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो

अगले जनम मोहे बिटिया न कीजो


hamre sajanwa hamra dil ayisa torin

Oo ghar basaayin ham ka rasta ma chhorin

Jayise ki lalla koi khilaona jo pawe

Dui chaar din to khele phir bhool jawe.

Lobhi na pawe aisi guRiya na kijo

Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo

Jo ab kiye ho Daata ayisa na kiho

Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo

Ayisi bidaayi bolo dekhi kahiN hai

mayiya na babul bhayiya kaunu nahin hai

Aansu ke gahne hain dukh ki hai doli

Band kiwaRiya mere ghar ki yeh boli

Is Or sapnoN mein bhi na aaya kijo

Is Or sapnoN mein bhi na aaya kijo

Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo

Jo ab kiye ho Daata ayisa na kiho

Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo


My lover broke my heart

he took another and dumped me on the road

Like a child gets a toy

He plays with it, forgets it in a few days

Do not make me such a doll which a greedy man grabs

Do not make me a girl come next birth.

Do not do again what You did this time

Do not make me a girl come next birth.

Did you ever see such a wedding

where no father, brother or mother took part?

My tears are my ornaments, I am riding the carriage of sadness

The window of my house says

Do not come hither even in dreams


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Aamaye bhashaieli re, Fariha Parvez, Alamgir

music, melody, beauty.

This melodious song features two wonderful singers, each giving wonderful musical number. Alamgir and fariha Pervez.

Alamgir starts with a song in Bangla and then sings the Urdu translation of the first two lines. The rest of the Bangla song remains unexplained.

Fariha sings in simple Urdu / Bhojpuri and a sort of translation is included.



Amaye bhashaili re …………….

Chahe aandhi aye re chahe megha chhaye re hamen tu us paar le ke jaana majhi re


Aaaaaaaaaaa  aaaaaaaaaa  aaa aaa aaaaaaa  aaaa  aaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa

Na main maangun sonaa chaandi, maangun to se preet

Na main maangun sonaa chaaaandi, maangun to se preeet

Balma maika chhoR gaye, ye hi jagat ki reet.


sayyaN bina, sayyaN bina, sayyan bina ghar soona

yaad tehaari, yaad tehari jiyaraa jalaye mora, aaaaaaaaaaa

o raja chain jiya naahiN aaye

chain jiya nahiN aaye

chain jiya nahiN aaye

sanwaria na aaye

sayyan bina ghar soona

ghar soooona,

amaye bhashaili re ………….



Aamaye bhashaili re……………………….

Even if there is a dust storm, or there are clouds stretched end to end on the sky, you, O my boat man, have to take me to the other shore.



No, I do not ask for gold or silver, all I ask for is your love.

My lover has left me. This is the tradition of this world.

The home is desolate without the lover

Your remembering makes my heart burn

O my Prince,

And leaves me without peace

My beloved did not return

Without him my home is desolate


Amaye bhashili re………………………………….

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Meena Kumari had a sad life and died at a young age of 38. Her poetry is of highest standard and shows how she found her life. In one of her couplets she tells us how life has treated her. [She got a checkmate in the chess game of life every time she played: by her father, her husband and then her friends, see below *.]

Meena Kumari

ٹکڑے ٹکڑے دن بیتا دھججی دھججی رات ملی

جس کا جتنا آںچل تھا اتنی ہی سوغات ملی

جب بھی چاہا دل کو سمجھیں ہنسنے کی آواز سنی

جیسے کویؑ کہتا ہو لے پھر تجھ کو مات ملی

ماتیں کیسی گھاتیں کیا چلتے رہنا آٹھ پہر

دل سا ساتھی جب پایا بیچینی بھی ساتھ ملی

رم جھم رم جھم بوندوں مین زہر بھی ہے اور امرت بھی

آنکھیں ہنس دیں دل رویا یہ اچھی برسات ملی

Tukre tukre din beeta dhajji dhajji raat mili

Jiska jitna aaNchal tha Utni hi saughaat mili

[In pieces did I get the day and the night was all in tatters

Of the bounty, one got only as much as one could gather in one’s scarf]


Jab bhi chaha dil ko samjheiN hasne ki aawaz suni

Jaise koyee kahta ho, le phir tujh ko maat mili

[Whenever I tried to understand life, I heard someone jeering at me

As if someone is saying, lo, you got yourself checkmated again]*

MaateiN kaisi ghaateiN kya, chalte rahna aath paher

Dil sa saathi jab paya, bey chaini bhi saath mili

[It is a journey all the time, what with these checkmates or traps

When a heart is your companion, you got restlessness too]

Rimjhim rimjhim boodoN mein, zahr bhi hai aur amrit bhi

aaNkheiN hansdeeN, dil roya, yeh achhi barsat mili.

[The ringing rain- drops have both poison and elixir of life

What a rain did I get, where the eyes laugh and the heart cries]


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Amir Khusro, Man Kunto Maula

Man Kunto Maula by Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali. Half an hour of pure bliss, if you may.

You will understand and enjoy more if you know the wording and their meaning. Note: Ali was the Prophet’s(PBUH) son in law)

1.The preliminary wordings   

Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar  

Lafatah illa Ali La Saif illa Zulfiqar.  

 {language: first line: Farsi,  second line: Arabic}


Shah-e-Mardan= King of men

Sher-e-Yazdan = lion of Allah

Quwat-e-Parwardigar = power of lord

Lafatah illa Ali = no victory without Ali

La Saif illa Zulfiqar.= no sword except zulfiqar (Ali’s sward)


2.(This piece is from the site:

Zahay izzo jalaale Bu Turaabe fakhre insaane
Ali al-Murtaza mushkil kushaye shere Yazdane

(The honour and valour of Abu Turab is the pride of mankind.
No doubt Ali al-Murtaza (K.W.K), helper in the time of need, is the Lion of God.)


[Abu Turab (Arabic: أبو تراب‎‎) or Father of Soil, is a title attributed to Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Shia Caliph and Imam, and the fourth Sunni Caliph. According to narrations the title was given to Ali by Muhammad(PBUH), when he found Ali sleeping while covered with soil.]

These wordings are sung just before the main Amir Khusro’s poem.


3..The main Amir Khusro song “Mun kunto Maula...”

taken from: []


Man kunto Maula
Fa Ali-un Maula
Dara dil-e dara dil-e dar-e daani
Hum tum tanana nana
Nana nana ray
Yalali yalali yala
Yala yala ray…

~ By Amir Khusro    {language:First two lines: Arabic}


“Whoever accepts me as a master, Ali is his master too.”

(The above is a hadith – a saying of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Rest of the lines are tarana bols that are generally meaningless and are used for rhythmic chanting by Sufis.)



For more details, you might like to go to

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BEGUM AKHTAR, mere ham nafas.

This is Shakil badayuni’s famous ghazal. It is in very simple language and can be related to by us all.

I like the translation offered by ‘Rekhta’ very much, as it is it self poetry. Never the less I would take liberty to expand a little here and there.

The link to ‘Rekhta” is

First listen to it by Begum Akhtar

image shayari for mere ham-nafas mere ham-nawa mujhe dost ban ke dagha na de main hun dard-e-ishq se jaan-ba-lab mujh...


My explanation.

  1. O my friend, though we breathe together and our voices echo together, please do not betray me feigning friendship.

The burning love has brought me near death, do not if you will wish me well.

  1. My wounded soul glows and the light it emits keeps me alive,

I fear you, though my healer, might end up blowing the flame out.

  1. O my healer, leave me alone if you will, I have little confidence in your healing

Your brief attention might actually cause my malady to worsen.

  1.  (Here a bulbul (bird) is speaking, worried about the garden which is her abode) I am confident that any fire from outside will not touch it, but I have a real fear that the “fire” from the roses might ignite and burn down the garden.
  2. Lo and behold the beloved is ready to dispense favour, O Shakil, where are you,

What is yours might be usurped by someone else I fear.

[Literally: Where are you O  Shakil, Your lover is up, ready with wine and cup,

I fear that the peg of wine which is yours someone else might put a hand on it.]









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Khabar e tahayyur e Ishq sun (Siraj Aurangabadi)

Khabr e Tahayyur e Ishq sun…. by Siraaj Aurangabadi


For the  actual ghazal and its translation, you may want to go to






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