ink painting

21 Dec


This poem of Sonya Kassam (SEE BELOW) reminds me of Ghalib when he says:

آتے ہیں غیب سے یہ مضامیں خیال میں

غالب سریر خامہ نواےؑ سروش ہے

aate hain ghaib se yeh mazamin khayal mein

ghalib sareer e khama nawaye sarosh hai.

[I receive these topics (I write about) from ‘beyond’, O Ghalib, 

the very scratchy sound of pen on paper is in fact calling of the angel]

Here Ghalib alludes, if you did  not get, the fact that Angel Gabreil used to bring the verses from Allah (SWT) to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Ghalib seems to lift himself to prophet hood here but at other place he comes down to his humble self when he says,

گرنی تھی ہم پہ برق تجلی نہ طور پر

دیتے ہیں بادہ ظرف قدح خوار دیکھ کر

[girni thi ham pe barq e tajalli na toor par

dete hain baada zarf e qadah khwaar dekh kar]

Here Ghalib again remembers a prophet and what happened when he visited Mountain TOOR (in Sainai)

He was Moosa (AS) and he used to be in conversation with God Himself there. One day on his request God let him have a minute glimpse of Himself and that was enough for him to faint and the brightness was blinding.

Translation of the sher: If ever I were to be at Toor, there would never be the same Holy lightening as those who dispense pegs in a pub, give them only to those who have status.




it was the ink painting itself
the artist was a mere façade
for those who refuse to believe

creativity hangs in the air
searching for the one who is receptive
it could be you…


I keep getting asked how I think up my poetry. I hope the above verse explains it all

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3 responses to “ink painting

  1. Sonya Kassam

    December 21, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you for sharing my post and for these beautiful powerful verses by Ghalib. I love the photo as well.

    • shakilakhtar

      December 21, 2017 at 6:48 pm

      Congratulations Sonya for being in the company of the legend Ghalib. I believe you when you say art seeks us but know better that you have talent too.


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