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An orphan alone knows what it is to be one.

Allah (SWT) enjoins us in many places in Holy Qoran to be kind to them.

In Surah “Maa’un” (Chapter 107), He says,

“Did you see the one who denies the day of judgement?”

Then replies Himself

“He is the one who pushes away the orphan”

Then proceeds to mention a few more such people (those denying the day of judgement)

  1. Those who do not encourage feeding of poor
  2. Those who are heedless of their prayers
  3. Those who make a show of their good deeds
  4. Those who withhold small assistance.

The last one is interesting and shows how Allah (SWT) notices even trivial things. We are here reminded to be generous in lending a helping hand, give small things in need etc. [We used to collect fire embers from neighbours in childhood days to start our own choolah so we can save a little kerosene and a match stick. Neighbours often asked for, and received, a little salt, a few chillies etc.]

But here we are discussing Rafiullah Mian’s Nazm about an Orphan:

— بچوں کی نظم
بہت ہی لاڈو‘ بہت چہیتی
رفیع اللہ میاں

ہٹا ہے جن کے سروں سے سایہ
دے ہمت ان کو مرے خدایا

یتیم بچی ہے‘ ڈر نہ جائے
کلی کھلے گی‘ بکھر نہ جائے

یوں دوڑتی‘ باغ میں ملے گی
حسین تتلی بھی کیا اڑے گی

یہ اپنے پاپا کی آنکھ میں تھی
بہت ہی لاڈو‘ بہت چہیتی

پھسل رہا ہے یہ‘ ہائے آنسو
زمیں پہ گرنے نہ پائے آنسو

تلاش کرتی ہے اپنا پاپا
ہر ایک رستہ ہے اس نے ناپا

ہر اک گلی میں یہی الاپا
بتاؤ مجھ کو کہاں ہے پاپا

بچھڑ گیا تھا یوں ہی وہ اک دن
خدا نے مانگا تھا اس کو اک دن

 hata hai jin ke saroN se saaya

de himmat unko mere khudaya

those who lost father’s care

O my God, make them strong

yateem bachchi hai dar na jaaye

kali khile gi bikhar na jaaye

an orphan, may she be safe from fear

a bud, may she not wither before long

yun daoRti baagh meiN mile gi

haseen titli bhi kya uRe gi.

running in a garden you will see her

even a butterfly can’t do flights as long

ye apne paapa ki aaNkh meiN thi

bahot hi laado bahot chaheeti

was an apple of her dad’s eye

she is cute and sweet like a song

phisal raha hai yeh haaye aaNsu

zameeN pe girne na paaye aaNsu

she is a tear from her dad’s eye, slipping

let her not fall, it will sure be wrong

talaash karti hai apne paapa

har ek rasta hai us ne naapa

looking for her dad every where

seen all the roads, short and long

har ek gali meiN ye hi alaapa

bataao mujh ko kahaN hai paapa

where is my dad, oh my dad

in every lane her cry is sad

bichhaR gaya tha yuN hi wo ek din

Khuda ne maNga tha us ko ek din

before you knew it, he was gone

God called him back, he had to be gone


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Meena Kumari had a sad life and died at a young age of 38. Her poetry is of highest standard and shows how she found her life. In one of her couplets she tells us how life has treated her. [She got a checkmate in the chess game of life every time she played: by her father, her husband and then her friends, see below *.]

Meena Kumari

ٹکڑے ٹکڑے دن بیتا دھججی دھججی رات ملی

جس کا جتنا آںچل تھا اتنی ہی سوغات ملی

جب بھی چاہا دل کو سمجھیں ہنسنے کی آواز سنی

جیسے کویؑ کہتا ہو لے پھر تجھ کو مات ملی

ماتیں کیسی گھاتیں کیا چلتے رہنا آٹھ پہر

دل سا ساتھی جب پایا بیچینی بھی ساتھ ملی

رم جھم رم جھم بوندوں مین زہر بھی ہے اور امرت بھی

آنکھیں ہنس دیں دل رویا یہ اچھی برسات ملی

Tukre tukre din beeta dhajji dhajji raat mili

Jiska jitna aaNchal tha Utni hi saughaat mili

[In pieces did I get the day and the night was all in tatters

Of the bounty, one got only as much as one could gather in one’s scarf]


Jab bhi chaha dil ko samjheiN hasne ki aawaz suni

Jaise koyee kahta ho, le phir tujh ko maat mili

[Whenever I tried to understand life, I heard someone jeering at me

As if someone is saying, lo, you got yourself checkmated again]*

MaateiN kaisi ghaateiN kya, chalte rahna aath paher

Dil sa saathi jab paya, bey chaini bhi saath mili

[It is a journey all the time, what with these checkmates or traps

When a heart is your companion, you got restlessness too]

Rimjhim rimjhim boodoN mein, zahr bhi hai aur amrit bhi

aaNkheiN hansdeeN, dil roya, yeh achhi barsat mili.

[The ringing rain- drops have both poison and elixir of life

What a rain did I get, where the eyes laugh and the heart cries]


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