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We took a short trip to Masqat this month( Feb. 2015) from Dubai. It was a 50 minute flight. Grand mosque was found to be truly grand. As compared to Dubai, Muscat is very humble and simple. There are no high rise buildings. Most are just six story. Food was great and quite reasonable in price. Omani dinar is the most expensive currency in the world. 1 Omani dinar 10 Dubai Dirhams (= Pak Rs. 300).  Sultan Qabus palace also is very humble.

Below are some pictures.


a view from our hotel room. The whole city is almost level with about 4-6 stories buildings.


saas bahu in the hotel loby.


huge copper tryas


Roofi and Dara.


The grounds of the Grand Mosque are a complex of magnificent gardens, well kept.






out side the mosque.


Post chamber inner dome.




Main Mosque Imam Member.










very beautiful Iranian Carpet.


simple and elegant.


A typical Omani man. If you see one, you have seen them all. Taxi driver, to shop keeper, to officials, or common man.




Fore ground









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Gulzar on life and ambition.


after Urdu, you will find Roman and English versions below.

صبح سے شام ہویؑ اور ہرن مجھ کو چھلاوا دیتا

سارے جنگل میں پریشان کیےؑ گھوم رہا ہے اب تک

اس کی گردن کے بہت پاس سے گئزرے ہیں کیؑ تیر مرے


وہ بھی اب اتنا ہی ہشیار ہے جتنا میں ہوں

اک جھلک دے کے جو گم ہوتا ہے وہ پیڑوں میں

میں وہاں پہنچتا ہوں تو ٹیلے پے،

کبھی چشمے کے اس پار نظر آتا ہے-

وہ نظر رکھتا ہے مجھ پر

میں اسے آنکھ سے اوجھل نہیں ہونے دیتا


کون دوڑاےؑ ہوےؑ ہے کس کو

کون اب کس کا شکاری ہے پتہ ہی نہیں چلتا


صبح اترا تھا میں جنگل میں تو سوچا تھا

اس شوخ ہرن کو

نیزے کی نوک پے پرچم کی طرح تان کے

میں شہر میں داخل ہوں گا

دن مگر ڈھلنے لگا ہے

دل میں اک خوف سا اب بیٹھ رہا ہے کہ

بالاخر یہ ہرن ہی

مجھے سینگوں پہ اٹھاےؑ ہوےؑ اک غار میں داخل ہو گا-

Subah se shaam hui aur hiran mujh ko chhalaawe deta,

saare jungle mein pareshaan kiye ghoom reha hai ab tak..

uss ki gardan ke bahut paas se guzre hain kayi teer mere …!


[Its now almost evening and I have been chasing this antelope since morning

Which evades me like a mirage, now I see it now it is gone.

Many of my arrows have just missed his neck]


Woh bhi ab utna hi hoshiyaar hai jitna main hun!

ek jhalak de ke jo gum hota hai woh peddon mein..

main wahan pahunchta hun toh teele pe,

kabhi chashme ke uss paar nazar aata hai..

Woh nazar rakhta hai mujh par!

main usey aankh se ojhal nahin hone deta!!


[He has become as clever as me, I get a glimpse and it disappears between the trees

When I reach there I see it on a hillock over there,

or beyond a stream,

He keeps an eye on me as I make sure he is within sight.]


Kaun daudaaye hue hai kis ko!

kaun ab kis ka shikaari hai pata hi nahin chalta …!


[It is difficult to know who is now chasing whom

And who is hunting whom]


Subah utra tha main jungle mein toh socha tha ki..

uss shokh hiran ko,

neze ki nok pe parcham ki tarah taan ke

main shehar mein daakhil hounga …!

Din magar dhalne laga hai..

dil mein ek khauf sa ab baith reha hai ki,

bil-aakhir ye hiran hi..

mujhe seengon par uthaaye hue ek ghaar mein daakhil hoga .!!


[When I came to the forest this morning, I thought

I would hunt this beautiful antelope

I intended to enter the street, displaying this beautiful antelope

pinned at the end on my spear like a flag

As the end of the day is close

I fear now that I might end up as his trophy,

He would enter a cave balancing me on his horns.]


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The Stranger in his own house.

This story of a retired person who cannot cough comfortably in his own house.

Translation will come later insha Allah.


Image (19) Image (21) Image (22) Image (23)

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Akhtar Shahjahanpuri ka sheri Majmooa “Saeban” (Post – 6)

each and every sher is superb. wah wah wah …..

Urdu Poetry - Collection by Saleem Khan


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This ghazal is one of the most famous and liked ghazals of Urdu poetry.

Listen it here sung by Nayyara Noor before proceeding.

The translations are given for the benefit of my readers who cannot read/ understand Urdu.

Please bear with me if you find translations not to the standard. I am no expert.

Woh jo hum mein’ tum mein’ qaraar tha, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho-
Wahi yaani waada nibaah ka, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..
[You may or may not remember, but there was sort of peace between you and me
You may or may not remember, there was a covenant to stick together.] 
Woh jo lutf mujh pe the peshtar, woh karam ke tha mere haal par-
Mujhe sab hai yaad zara zara, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..
[ the delight of your advance love and your kindness for my self
 I remember it all, to some extent, You may or may not remember]
woh naye gile woh shikaayatein’, woh maze maze ki hikaayatein-
woh har aik baat pe roothna, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..
[Those ever new moans and and whines, those hilarious tales,

Your being sore on small matters, You may or may not remember]

kabhi baithe sab mein’ jo ru-ba-ru, to ishaaraton’ se hi guftagu-
woh bayaan shauq ka barmalaa, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..

[ when we found ourselves face to face sitting with others, talking with signs

and that longing to talk normally, You may or may not remember]

koi baat aisi agar hui, ke tumhare ji ko buri lagi-
to bayaan’ se pehle hi bhoolna, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..

[If there was a thing that you found annoying
your pretending being forgetful, You may or may not remember

kabhi hum mein’ tum mein’ bhi chaah thi, kabhi hum se tum se bhi raah thi-
kabhi hum bhi tum bhi the aashna, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..
[There was once love between you and me, there was once a line between you and me,

Once we were known to each other, You may or may not remember]

suno! zikr hai kai saal ka, ke kiya aap ne ek waadaa tha-
so nibaahne ka to zikr kya, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..

[please listen, it is many years since, you made a promise to me, 
what is there to say about it being kept,  You may or may not remember]
jise aap ginte the aashnaa, jise aap kehte the baawafaa-
main’ wahi hun’ Momin’ mubtala, tumhein’ yaad ho ke na yaad ho..
[The one you counted as your beloved, the one you swore to be faithful
I am that very indulgent Momin,  You may or may not remember]

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