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Shumara-e-Dil of Monthly Magazine “IQDAR”(Post-1)

Shumara-e-Dil of Monthly Magazine “IQDAR”(Post-1)

The reason I am reblogging this is that I want to play my little role in making Hazrat e Dil Shahjahan puri sahab known and appreciated widely.

Urdu Poetry - Collection by Saleem Khan

shumara_Dil(1)0001shumara_Dil(1)0002shumara_Dil(1)0003shumara_Dil(1)0004shumara_Dil(1)0005shumara_Dil(1)0006shumara_Dil(1)0007shumara_Dil(1)0008shumara_Dil(1)0009shumara_Dil(1)0010(  TO BE CONTINUED )

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