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Shamim Shahjahanpuri ka Majmooa e Kalam “Khushbu Ka Safar” (Post-1)

Shamim is my childhood friend. I am proud to know his deewan has been published. I thank Saleem sahab for putting it in stages on his blog.

Urdu Poetry - Collection by Saleem Khan


khushboo_ka_safar(1)0003( To be continued )

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A beautiful short poem.


shayer na maloom

 دن کو آ سکتے نہ تھے آنے کو کیا رات نہ تھی

پاؤں میں منہدی نہ تھی اور برسات نہ تھی

کج ادایی  کے سوا اور کوئی بات نہ تھی

سچ تو یہ ہے کہ منظور ملاقات نہ تھی

منظور ملاقات نہ تھی

din ko aa sakte na the aane ko kya raat na thi

paon mein menhdi na thi aur barsaat na thi

kaj addayi ke siwa aur koi baat na thi

sach to yeh hai ke manzoor mulaqaat na thi

.manzoor mulaqaat na thi


 (If you could not come (to meet me

?then what prevented you from comming in the night

,I know you did not have hina pasted on your soles

.and also I know that it was not raining

you only wanted to play a cruel game, of hard to get

the fact is that you never had any intention to meet me

.never had any intention to meet me


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