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This is to introduce a great Shayer from my town Shahjahan pur, Saghar Warsi. I took these two ghazals from my friend Salim’s blog 

There are many more (in fact a gallery) of beautiful shayri there.

I am also giving translation and romanization of these two ghazals at the end. (To the best of my ability) 

ہے چمن کی مجھ سے عظمت ہے چمن کی مجھ سے زینت
نہ تھ یہ بہار ساغر میرے آشیاں سےپہلے


 ان کو احساس کہاں ہے جو اثر ہو ساغر
کتنے سیلاب میرے دیدہ تر سے گزرے


1. Mujhe teri aarzoo thi tere is jahaN se pahle
Teri sar zameeN se pahle, tere aasmaN se pahle
2. Na haram na dair hi tha, na yeh dil nasheeN manaazir
Main hooN bandagi ka khoogar, tere aastaaN se pahle
3.  Koi poochhta hai mujh se mere maajraaye gham ko
Main yeh ghaur kar raha hoon ke kahooN kahaN se pahle
4. Meri daastan e gham se bani daastan e aalam
Koi  daastaN nahiN thi meri  daastaN se pahle.
5.  Tere wada e wafa ka hai yaqeen mujh ko lekin
Zara mashwara to kar loon dil e bad gumaN se pahle
6. Na jafa ka tazkira tha  na saleeqa e jafa tha
Na yeh rasm e imtehaN thi mere imtehaN se pahle.
7. Hai chaman ki mujh se azmat, hai chaman ki mujh se zeenat
Na thi yeh bahaar SAGHAR mere aashiyaN se pahle.
Prelude to translation: In poetry it is not only the words that are responsible for the meaning. Much is left for the reader to infer from the back ground and from the context. The context in this case is Islam religion’s belief about prophet Mohommad being  at the centre of the universe, some go as far as saying he is THE reason for the creation and he was present even when there was nothing.
   Now you draw a line on paper using pencil. You have only highlighted what was already there since ever. Michael Angelo said he only removes extra portions of the material to reveal the form which was always there in the rock. If they believe Mohammad was there all the time, it means not physically, but his attributes perhaps. Any way, it will be of little or no use if I went ahead and did a literal translation. In any case this is MY interpretation and other people with other preferences might think otherwise. You will have to keep an open mind.
1. I longed for you even before your Universe, even before your Earth and before your sky.
2.  I was eager to worship you before your own abode was created, even when there were no mosques, no temples nor were these beautiful sceneries.
3. When someone asks me to relate the events that led to my demise, I am at a loss to decide from where should I start my story.
4. My story is the mother of the grand story of this world, there was no story before that of mine.
5. I am fully convinced about your promise of mercy, even then I sometimes find myself consulting my inner self which always has doubts.
6. I find myself in perpetual test that life is. There was no test before my test began, even when no one had any idea of betrayal.

7. If this is a grand garden, then the greatness and the grandeur of it rests upon my own very being. Because O Saghar, before I was created, this beautiful spring of gardens was not even there.


1. KahkushaN se kabhi  khursheed  o  qamar se guzre
Ham teri fikr meiN har rah e guzar se guzre
2. Kitni maasoon tamanaoN ke dil toot gaye
Woh nazar pher ke jab aaj idhar se guzre.
3. Unki aaNkheN kabhi dekheeN kabhi duniya ka mizaj
Ham rahe zeest ke har zer  o  zabar se guzre.
4. Tere deewanoN ka hai yeh bhi ek andaaz  e  junooN
Bekhudi meiN bhi teri raah e guzar se guzre.
5. Dil ko taskeen hui, paaoN thame, ashk ruke,
Koi batlaao ye ham aaj kidhar se guzre.
6. Baith baithe hua tanhaayi meiN aksar yeh gumaN
Aap aahista qadam jaise idhar se guzre.
7. Un ko ehsaas kahaN hai jo asar ho SAGHAR
Kitne sailaab mere deeda e tar se guzre.

     Now this ghazal is a normal one with stories of a beloved and a lover. The lover complains how he suffers from being ignored by his beloved despite his deep and sincere feelings and great sacrifices etc.
1. I have scaled the Sun and the moon, even the length and breadth of the Milky Way have I gone through, I traced all the paths in search of your love.
2. When I found myself ignored as someone passed, scores of innocent wishes of my humble heart died there.
3.  I experienced all the ups and downs of life, like when I looked at your beautiful eyes and when I tested the mood of the people.
4. Those who are madly in love with you have a unique habit, even when they are not in their senses they find themselves on the paths trodden by you.
5. I find that miraculously my heart beat is normal, my feet are steady and my tears have dried. Will somebody please explain as to where I am at.(eluding that perhaps I am at my beloved’s door)
6. Many times I got this strong feeling as I sit alone, that perhaps you have taken a stroll nearby with soft feet.
7. I shed so much tears that they could cause flooding many times over, but I know, O Saghar, nobody will notice this for lack of right feelings.



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जंगल में एक पेड़ गिरा और जोर की आवाज़ पैदा हुई.आस पास कोई प्राणी नहीं था जो इस आवाज़ को सुनता या गिरते हुए पेड़ को देखता. तो मानो वह पेड़ गिरा ही नहीं.

(Translation: A tree falls in a jungle making a huge noise. There was no one around who could hear the noise or witness the fall. So for all you know the tree never fell.)

The easiest way to prove the existence of Allah is to see around us the ways and forms in which he has manifested Himself. Those who naively say that Nature has got things done by sheer chance in umpteen permutations and combinations of matter must be confronted with this analogy. A single cell, we know, is million times more complicated, intricate and ‘live’ than say Eifel Tower. Imagine that this tower came in to being when iron girders, nuts and bolts etc. were given for unlimited time jolts of hurricane and lo at one time the tower was achieved. You will say never. Then how can a cell be formed, how a plant, animal, humans, intelligence, time, space, feelings, etc be created just by chance? There MUST be a creator, therefore.

Now please proceed with what I have to say about  “HIDDEN TREASURE”


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