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KANJOOS MAKKHI CHOOS is famous in Urdu. I went to Scotland and was amazed to see their kifayet shauari. When I visited a friend at his house he was very polite and served me tea. I noticed that he had put in the sugar pot a fork instead of a spoon.

In the market I noticed kitchen things on sale in a shop. There was a corner with a lot of rolling pins, the ones used to flatten the dough. But there were some very small ones. I asked who would use these in the kitchen. The shop keeper looked at me as if having pity on me for not knowing the Scotland ways. He said these are used in the bath room, not in the kitchen. To flatten the almost empty tooth paste tube and get the very last of the paste out. 

Once a scot was seen scolding his son. When asked what was the matter, he screamed,” I asked him to skip a step when climbing stairs so that the shoe will last longer. He thought he was smarter than me and skipped two steps, and had his pant ripped from behind” 


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Ghalib aur Dagh Dehlvi, Rag Darbari mein

Tina Sani ne yeh do masawi ghazlen khoob gayi hain

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When I sleep on my charpoy, I have a feeling there is someone sleeping under it. So I change my position and sleep under the charpoy. Then I have a feeling there is some one sleeping above me. I move up, then .. This goes on the whole night and I am worried.
Psychiatrist: The condition is serious. The full cure will cost you Rs 4000 and it will take 2 months.
He went away. After some time the doctor met him in the market: Why did you not come back? he said I called a carpenter who charged me Rs 4 and cut the four legs of the charpoy in ten min. Now I sleep on this charpoy which has no space underneath.The charpoy needed the cure, not me.


Man: whenever I drink my coffee, I feel a sharp pain in my right eye,
Doctor presents him with a cup of coffee and asks him to drink. He mixes some sugar and takes a sip. AAAAARRRGHH
Doctor: Try removing the spoon from the cup.

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