Meena Kumari had a sad life and died at a young age of 38. Her poetry is of highest standard and shows how she found her life. In one of her couplets she tells us how life has treated her. [She got a checkmate in the chess game of life every time she played: by her father, her husband and then her friends, see below *.]

Meena Kumari

ٹکڑے ٹکڑے دن بیتا دھججی دھججی رات ملی

جس کا جتنا آںچل تھا اتنی ہی سوغات ملی

جب بھی چاہا دل کو سمجھیں ہنسنے کی آواز سنی

جیسے کویؑ کہتا ہو لے پھر تجھ کو مات ملی

ماتیں کیسی گھاتیں کیا چلتے رہنا آٹھ پہر

دل سا ساتھی جب پایا بیچینی بھی ساتھ ملی

رم جھم رم جھم بوندوں مین زہر بھی ہے اور امرت بھی

آنکھیں ہنس دیں دل رویا یہ اچھی برسات ملی

Tukre tukre din beeta dhajji dhajji raat mili

Jiska jitna aaNchal tha Utni hi saughaat mili

[In pieces did I get the day and the night was all in tatters

Of the bounty, one got only as much as one could gather in one’s scarf]


Jab bhi chaha dil ko samjheiN hasne ki aawaz suni

Jaise koyee kahta ho, le phir tujh ko maat mili

[Whenever I tried to understand life, I heard someone jeering at me

As if someone is saying, lo, you got yourself checkmated again]*

MaateiN kaisi ghaateiN kya, chalte rahna aath paher

Dil sa saathi jab paya, bey chaini bhi saath mili

[It is a journey all the time, what with these checkmates or traps

When a heart is your companion, you got restlessness too]

Rimjhim rimjhim boodoN mein, zahr bhi hai aur amrit bhi

aaNkheiN hansdeeN, dil roya, yeh achhi barsat mili.

[The ringing rain- drops have both poison and elixir of life

What a rain did I get, where the eyes laugh and the heart cries]


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1) “The Beauty of the Rose is considered a medicine. Healing through sight, through the act of looking with all veils swept aside.” quote from Nadeem Aslam’s book, “A wasted Vigil”
2) Won’t you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you. 
-Richard Brinsley Sheridan

It was great to visit rose garden at Parnel, Auckland, New Zealand, three days ago. They are at the highest bloom and its riot of colours and of variety. The surrounding grounds are equally serene and paradise like.

نازکی اس کے لب کی کیا کہیےؑ

پنکھڑی اک گلاب کی سی ہےٌ

[nazuki us ke lab kikya kahiye, pankhuRi ek gulaab ki si hai]
Meer Taqi Meer.
what can I say about her lip’s tenderness?. say it is but a rose’s petal.
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Edge of Nothing

I am nothing you are nothing every thing is nothing.

Follow Your Shadow

at the edge of nothing and beyond nothing
i found even more nothing
it is this nothing that holds the stars in their places
the same nothing that is between each cell in my body

that space where nothing exists where nothing is extinguished
that space of uncreating creation that space of indestructibility

the nothing that is in the span between sound and silence
that which is in the pause between the answer and another question

the space slightly above my skin
and that slightly below my skin
filled with the power of zero
expanding in opposite directions
to two different worlds
voids that feel familiar

the space between each eyelash
where dreams are trapped
and they mingle with tears
and it is in that space within the teardrop that i am
each time i cried that you made me feel like nothing
i now thank you immensely
from the…

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My mother’s dairy

This nazm (in her own hand writing) is in my mom’s diary which she left me over 60 years ago. I want to share it with my readers. The poet’s name is not known.


Na jaane phir meri jaan e haziN rahe na rahe

Ye rooh khaana e tan meiN rahe na rahe

Ye sar rahe na rahe ye jabeeN rahe na rahe

Hai khatm silsila e intezaar aa jaao

tumheN wafa ki qasam ek baar aa jaao

bara e naam bhi dil meiN sukooN ka naam nahiN

hayat e shauq  ka pahla sa wo nizaam nahiN

k subh, subh nahin koyi sham, sham nahiN

nahiN hai zeest ka kuchh etbaar aa jaao

tumheN wafa ki qasam ek baar aa jaao

main ashk o khooN mein daaman o dil bhigo bhi chukka

mataye sabr o sukoon o qarar kho bhi chukka

jo aah, hona tha anjaam e shauq hob hi chukka

k main huN hamaa tan inteshaar aa jao

tumheN wafa ki qasam ek baar aa jaao

[who knows if my sad life will survive

If my soul will remain inside my body

If this head, or this forehead will remain high]

[Come now (O beloved) as the waiting is over

 Just once, in the name of faithfulness, come]


[There is not a trace of peace in my heart

The Love life has lost its earlier regime

The morning is not the same, nor is the night

I am not sure of this life any more

Just once, in the name of faithfulness, come]


My dress is wet with my tears and blood

I have lost the treasure of peace and quiet

Alas, the inevitable end of love has happened

I am now in total disarray

Just once, in the name of faithfulness, come]



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Amir Khusro, Man Kunto Maula

Man Kunto Maula by Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali. Half an hour of pure bliss, if you may.

You will understand and enjoy more if you know the wording and their meaning. Note: Ali was the Prophet’s(PBUH) son in law)

1.The preliminary wordings   

Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar  

Lafatah illa Ali La Saif illa Zulfiqar.  

 {language: first line: Farsi,  second line: Arabic}


Shah-e-Mardan= King of men

Sher-e-Yazdan = lion of Allah

Quwat-e-Parwardigar = power of lord

Lafatah illa Ali = no victory without Ali

La Saif illa Zulfiqar.= no sword except zulfiqar (Ali’s sward)


2.(This piece is from the site:

Zahay izzo jalaale Bu Turaabe fakhre insaane
Ali al-Murtaza mushkil kushaye shere Yazdane

(The honour and valour of Abu Turab is the pride of mankind.
No doubt Ali al-Murtaza (K.W.K), helper in the time of need, is the Lion of God.)


[Abu Turab (Arabic: أبو تراب‎‎) or Father of Soil, is a title attributed to Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Shia Caliph and Imam, and the fourth Sunni Caliph. According to narrations the title was given to Ali by Muhammad(PBUH), when he found Ali sleeping while covered with soil.]

These wordings are sung just before the main Amir Khusro’s poem.


3..The main Amir Khusro song “Mun kunto Maula...”

taken from: []


Man kunto Maula
Fa Ali-un Maula
Dara dil-e dara dil-e dar-e daani
Hum tum tanana nana
Nana nana ray
Yalali yalali yala
Yala yala ray…

~ By Amir Khusro    {language:First two lines: Arabic}


“Whoever accepts me as a master, Ali is his master too.”

(The above is a hadith – a saying of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Rest of the lines are tarana bols that are generally meaningless and are used for rhythmic chanting by Sufis.)



For more details, you might like to go to

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Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

wonderfully beautiful art.

Be ▲rtist - Be ▲rt Magazine

Afrikan brick Art - by Charis Tsevis - be artist be art - urban magazine Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

Afrikan brick Art - by Charis Tsevis - be artist be art - urban magazine Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

Afrikan brick Art - by Charis Tsevis - be artist be art - urban magazine Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

Afrikan brick Art - by Charis Tsevis - be artist be art - urban magazine Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

Afrikan brick Art - by Charis Tsevis - be artist be art - urban magazine Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis

Afrikan brick Art – by Charis Tsevis 

Be artist Be art - urban magazine Be artist Be art – urban magazine

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