Shumara-e-Dil of Monthly Magazine “IQDAR”(Post-1)

Shumara-e-Dil of Monthly Magazine “IQDAR”(Post-1)


The reason I am reblogging this is that I want to play my little role in making Hazrat e Dil Shahjahan puri sahab known and appreciated widely.

Originally posted on Urdu Poetry - Collection by Saleem Khan:

shumara_Dil(1)0001shumara_Dil(1)0002shumara_Dil(1)0003shumara_Dil(1)0004shumara_Dil(1)0005shumara_Dil(1)0006shumara_Dil(1)0007shumara_Dil(1)0008shumara_Dil(1)0009shumara_Dil(1)0010(  TO BE CONTINUED )

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In to day’s world with strife, terrorism and injustices every where, I cannot but remember this song from Hindi Film Kohinoor which was released in 1960. It is true more now than it was then.The lyrics were composed by Shakil Badayuni.

“Yeh kya zindagi hai, yeh kaisa jahan hai.

Jidhar dekhiye zulm ki dastan hai.”


“What is this world, How is this life

wherever you see, you meet violence, death and injustices”

Listen to full song here:


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every one worships something

I wanted to reblog but could not. so please make do with this link.


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Soft Like Velvet


Gulab woh jo heere ko cheer de. (The rose is that that can cut a diamond).

Originally posted on Failing at Haiku:

  Soft Like Velvet
They were red
soft like velvet
and smelled great.
But I didn’t know
it was the end
I didn’t know they
were graveyard roses.
opened red rose, flower
This poem was inspired by an orjay prompt on Twitter.

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Shamim Shahjahanpuri ka Majmooa e Kalam “Khushbu Ka Safar” (Post-1)


Shamim is my childhood friend. I am proud to know his deewan has been published. I thank Saleem sahab for putting it in stages on his blog.

Originally posted on Urdu Poetry - Collection by Saleem Khan:


khushboo_ka_safar(1)0003( To be continued )

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A beautiful short poem.


shayer na maloom

 دن کو آ سکتے نہ تھے آنے کو کیا رات نہ تھی

پاؤں میں منہدی نہ تھی اور برسات نہ تھی

کج ادایی  کے سوا اور کوئی بات نہ تھی

سچ تو یہ ہے کہ منظور ملاقات نہ تھی

منظور ملاقات نہ تھی

din ko aa sakte na the aane ko kya raat na thi

paon mein menhdi na thi aur barsaat na thi

kaj addayi ke siwa aur koi baat na thi

sach to yeh hai ke manzoor mulaqaat na thi

.manzoor mulaqaat na thi


 (If you could not come (to meet me

?then what prevented you from comming in the night

,I know you did not have hina pasted on your soles

.and also I know that it was not raining

you only wanted to play a cruel game, of hard to get

the fact is that you never had any intention to meet me

.never had any intention to meet me


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guru govind dou khaDe

Today 5th September is World Teachers Day.

In Indian culture, teachers (Guru) have paramount place as far as respect and regard is concerned.

This is demonstrated aptly by this doha (presumably by Kabir)

गुरु  गोविंद दोऊ खड़े , काके लागूं पाए

बलिहारी गुरु आप की, गोविंद डयो बताये

Guru Govind dou khaDe, kake laagooN paaye

Balihari guru aap ki, Govind dayo bataaye.

[I find my teacher and my God both standing in front of me, I am at a loss as to whom should I offer my respect first. Then I realized it was my teacher who taught me every thing about my God, so I proceeded and offered my respect to him first.]

Those of us who care must think about it now.



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